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Using trending topics to drive more traffic

in SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

One of the most effective tools for keeping your brand ahead today is tracking trending topics on social media.

What are trending topics?

These are subjects that experience a sudden surge in popularity. It may become popular on one or more social media platforms. These are essential for businesses to develop their products.

Top fifteen sources to identify current tending topics

Here are fifteen trending topic sources you must know.

  1. RedditIt is one of the most reliable sources for tracking trending topics.
  2. Twitter  – The first platform to captilize on the power of trending topics, it is still one of the most popular sources today.
  3. FacebookOffers localized, as well as globally trending topics
  4. QuoraIt is a great place for those looking for inspiration on upcoming trends. 
  5. TopsyIt is an easy-to-use social analytics platform.
  6. Hubspot Blog Topic GeneratorIt is a great source for content inspiration on topics of your choice.
  7. Hacker NewsA great source for trending topics in the field of technology and startups.
  8. Google+ What’s HotThis offers you different methods of exploring trending topics related to your areas of interest.
  9. BuzzFeedFilled with recent and interesting trending content .
  10. BuzzSumoHelps you track topics that have done well in the past year.
  11. Google TrendsIt’s for those looking to track trends in Google searches across the globe
  12. NewsWhipIt tracks millions of trending content everyday.
  13. Portent’s Title MakerIt helps you generate viral topics.
  14. SwayySuggests trending topics based on the content shared by you.
  15. What’s TrendingA website for tracking trending topics across the internet.

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