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Twitter for Business – Tips and guidelines to build followers

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Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms after Facebook. Due to the large audiences present on Twitter, businesses use it actively to promote their brand and products and services. Twitter can help build connections, solidify your brand image and generate leads. However, Twitter can offer benefits and possibilities only if you have a good number of followers.

Increase Twitter Followers

Here are some tips and guidelines to increase your Twitter followers:

  • Follow more people – One of the obvious but essentials to increase your followers on Twitter is to follow more people.
  • Post tweets timely – Use tools to schedule your posts if you can’t manage to post on intervals.
  • Don’t post them too frequently. Too many messages can appear to be spammy so through trial and error find the right number to post daily or weekly. You can determine this through your audience’s reaction.
  • Make your Twitter Bio professional – Your followers who want to know more about you or your business will inevitably visit your Twitter bio, so pay attention to it.
  • Use keywords in your bio – Relevant keywords will help you to gain higher rank in Twitter search. Make sure to add your region or city name to attract local Twitter users.
  • Use images and links in your tweets – Such tweets are known to get more retweets helping you get your message further.
  • Use hashtags in your Twitter posts – Using relevant hashtags can double your post engagement and attract new followers too.
  • Use other promotion channels – Promote your twitter account on your brochures, website, business cards and other marketing materials.
  • Find the best times for your tweets – Tweeting on weekends can get 17% more engagement, so don’t miss to tweet on weekends. Twitter traffic is at peak during 1pm to 3pm. Make sure to tweet at this time of the day.
  • Mention users – Be sure to mention users while replying to comments.
  • Share inspirational quotes occasionally – People love to retweet such content so include them in your postings.
  • Pin an impressive and eye-catching post to the top of your profile – This will give visitors a reason to follow you.
  • Reach out to your E-mail subscribers – Send an email to your subscribers and ask them to follow you on twitter.
  • Stay engaged – This involves responding to your follower. For example, always reply to questions asked by your followers.
  • Tweet great content – Tweet informative and engaging content.
  • Use the right language – Avoid words like; ‘going’, ‘lol’, ‘game’ and ‘haha’. Use words like ‘retweet’, ‘twitter’ and ‘please’ in your posts.
  • Participate with others – Don’t just tweet; make sure to be a generous retweeter as well.
  • Make offers – For example, if you are a retailer, offer exclusive coupons to your followers, occasionally.
  • Don’t buy twitter followers.
  • Add tweet button next to your blog. Reach out to your audience through other channels can increase you reach. @mention your twitter handle on your guests posts author bio.
  • Stay active on Twitter – If you don’t do so, your followers will take no time to unfollow you.


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The key to remember is that there is no single hack to increase twitter followers. You need to do these simple yet effective practices regularly, to get more twitter followers.

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