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The Language of Content Strategy

in Digital Business Books

Learn the basics and terminology of Content Strategy and Content Management

This book review on “The Language of Content Strategy” covers various aspects of content strategy. This book provide a true gateway to Content Strategy and describes the world of content strategy in easy to understand terms. This book has fifty two well known contributors that have shared their knowledge, to help readers understand the core of content strategy. It is a great guide for both new and old content development professionals.

  1. Learn fifty two terms to help you discipline yourself on content strategy.
  2. A collaboration from fifty two leading content strategists.
  3. A great guide for beginners, as well as old content development professionals.
  4. Each term is thoroughly explained by a profession in the field.
  5. An essay to help you learn more about each term, to help learn more about content strategy.
  6. A starting place for content strategy conversations, which goes two ways.

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An excellent book that comes packed with content strategy techniques.

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