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Ten tips for choosing the right keywords for your business

in SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

In a world that is dominated by internet, keywords are the secret to successful growth. One of the most important points that any business needs to keep in mind, while editing or writing articles, is choosing the right keywords.

Why are keywords important?

It is a tricky task, but once mastered, it can easily give your article the page one ranking. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), for any article, depends on the target keyword phrases that you select.

Top ten tips to help you select the best target keyword phrases for your article:

Here are ten tips and steps to help you select the right keyword phrases for you business, site, page, or article that you may want to publish online.

  1. Carefully consider the topic of your web page or article. Think about the specific benefits that your reader can get from it.
  2. Think about the keywords you would use to search for articles on the given topics.
  3. Use a keyword research tool, to get an idea of the effectiveness of your top choices
  4. Review your results
  5. Don’t get tempted by phrases which have the highest number of searches
  6. Focus on long tail keywords
  7. Target to use multi-word keyword phrases
  8. Keep the keyword phrases in the headlines of the article
  9. Try to use phrases that can be naturally weaved into the articles
  10. Use secondary phrases for subheadings, body text, and as ideas for other related articles.


It might seem like a daunting task, but choosing the right target keyword phrases gets smoother with time. With every attempt, you can see enormous improvements.


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