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Social Media Strategy and Tactics

social media strategy

Social Media Strategy

Social media brings numerous benefits to businesses. Formulating a social media strategy for your organization is about being clear in how to use social media to advance your organization’s brand, products, and services. The questions below can help you formulate and create the right strategy that your business can use to advance the goals and objectives of your organization.

Social media strategy questions

  1. What are your primary goals from launching a social media strategy (branding, engagement, conversions, lead generation, increase online reach)?
  2. How does your social media strategy blend with your organization’s content management strategy?
  3. How does your social media strategy blend with your online marketing strategy?
  4. Have you defined the criteria for your desired and target social media audience?
  5. What type of content do you plan to post on social media?
  6. Do you plan to use social media other than your online marketing needs (e.g. customer service)?
  7. Do you plan to use social media ads platform and if yes, how does that compliment your online marketing needs?
  8. What analytics and insights do you plan to track to measure your social media strategy success?
  9. What social media channels will your organization participate in and in what capacity?
  10. What type of online audience and fan base would be ideal for your business?
  11. How do you plan to measure your social media ROI?
  12. What kind of promotional content do you plan to post?
  13. What products and services are you planning to promote on social media?
  14. What type of a branding voice and message does your organization plan to have for your social media use?
  15. What tools will you need to implement your overall social media strategy and to manage it on a daily basis?
  16. Have you considered the types of resources that your organization may need to help you with the daily management and operations of social media?
  17. Have you considered outsourcing social media activities?
  18. What strategies and tactics do you plan to use to build and constantly grow your social media audience?
  19. Have you defined the marketing and branding message behind your social media profile? This is more applicable for newer businesses that are still in the process of defining their value proposition.
  20. What is your target market?
  21. Have you delineated the various pain points related to your target audience and customers?
  22. Does your social media strategy help address your target audience’s pain points?
  23. Have you assessed how will social media be better than other marketing channels? Why use social media when your other online marketing channels are effective?
  24. Have you assessed and analyzed how does your competition use social media to promote their brand and products and services?
  25. What type of content on social media will help you achieve your social media goals?
  26. How will your organize coordinate social media communication along with other forms of communication?
  27. What kind of tone and emotions do you plan to project in your social media communications?
  28. How will you control your social media access and security across your organization?

social media strategy


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