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How to grow a business online?

grow business online

Growing a business online

This section delves into the various topics related to growing any business online. Whether you are growing an existing brick and mortar business in the online and digital world or looking to grow an online business, these resources and tutorials (including upcoming video courses on online business) will help you get the insight into strategies for online business growth.

  • Defining a roadmap for online growth
  • Increase online audience reach
  • Expand the number of online channels for conducting business
  • Expand selling and commerce onto the mobile platform
  • Serve customers through multiple channels including mobile, social media, and others
  • Adopt multiple online revenue generation strategies and tactics
  • Invest in creating high quality and engaging content
  • Invest separately in each of the social media channels to grow into their specific online audiences
  • Master specific tactics related to each of the social media platforms to grow organically
  • Implement latest SEO techniques to stay on top of organic search results
  • Besides Google, don’t ignore the reach of other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing
  • Depending on your audience profile, consider investing in other social media platforms such as Snapchat and Google+
  • To increase conversions, get more specific about your ideal customer profile and build your business accordingly
  • Learn online conversion techniques for all stages of a customer journey
  • Master the ins and outs of your sales funnel and build each of its steps thoughtfully and carefully
  • Constantly think of delivering value to your audience and they will reciprocate
  • Expand your online presence on audio and video through podcasts and video sessions
  • Understand (and implement) the psychological triggers of a customer journey
  • Build effective landing pages for your organization’s products and services
  • Build mobile apps to increase user engagement, loyalty, brand recognition and more for business growth

how to grow a business online


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