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Facebook tips and guidelines to increase engagement

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This post presents some Facebook engagement strategies that can help you drive positive results. Your Facebook fans see different content in their news feeds every hour and a great title alone is not enough to engage them with your post. So, in general create an urge to attract readers. Here are some tips to increase Facebook user engagement.

  • Add content with a blend of incentives and call to action button to move your followers from Facebook to your blog or app.
  • Share evergreen content such as posts that tend to be most engaging Facebook posts ever.
  • Add emotions in your post. Express enthusiasm, humanity or emotion in your Facebook post.
  • Share highly shareable content. Post content that compels people to stop and share it.
  • Post a mix of content i.e. videos, text and promotions to increase the engagement and visibility of your Facebook page substantially.
  • Use Facebook Live regularly to increase the interactive sessions with your followers.
  • Try to publish when your followers are online like outside business hours or on the weekends.
  • Watch your Facebook data from insights and adjust your posts accordingly.
  • Optimize Social Media Tags by adding metadata to your Facebook page.

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Engaging your Facebook fans, rather than simply adding fans to your business profile, has become more important than ever before. It’s time to add these effective tactics to boost engagement of your Facebook followers to increase your business’s visibility in Facebook news feeds.

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