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Enterprise Content Strategy – Book Review

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How to start a content strategy project?

This post covers a book review of the book “Enterprise Content Strategy“. The book guides you through the best practices for laying down a powerful executive content strategy project. The book offers a complete step by step guide on how to build a perfect enterprise content strategy for your business. The book writer managed one of the world’s largest content strategy team, to help readers get an accurate insight.

Here are some highlights of the book – Enterprise Content Strategy.

  1. The book is a complete guide with definitions you need to understand, question you must ask, and a checklist you can follow.
  2. This book simply focuses on how you can achieve the enterprise content strategy.
  3. A detailed navigation system through the entire process, to help you stay on track.
  4. An end to end approach where you will learn all the basics.
  5. A complete guide to planning, assessment, definitions, design, building, publishing, and optimization & governing.
  6. Learn the importance of optimizing the performance of your content, and how to continue the process.
  7. Will help you stay on a stable tack, and help ensure effective growth.

Get the book here.

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