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Content management strategy

content management strategy

 Content Management Strategy

content management strategy

Content strategy questions

Here are some questions you should ask when formulating your business’s content management and marketing strategy.

  1. Have you identified the required content marketing processes for your business that need to be put in place?
  2. Have you identified all the tools that address your content marketing and content development processes?
  3. What content marketing channels do you plan to use as part of your overall online marketing strategy?
  4. What measures do you have to measure your content marketing efforts and initiatives?
  5. What stories for your business do you plan to communicate using your content strategy?
  6. Have you identified the specific content and types that will be required to engage your audiences?
  7. How do you plan to formulate and create content?
  8. What content formats do you plan to invest in to communicate your business’s story and messages? ebooks, video, audio, blogging,  podcasts, etc. ??
  9. Have you identified the different audiences for your content?
  10. Do you have processes in place to create and curate your audiences (e.g. using lead generation)?
  11. Is your audience segmented based on content channels and types?
  12. Have you identified all the content channels for your content? This includes blogs, podcasts, print magazines and newsletters, websites, webinars, whitepapers, infographics, FAq pages, etc.
  13. Does your business / organization have a published editorial calendar?
  14. Have you analyzed search engine guidelines that could influence your content management strategy?
  15. Have you considered mobile use and designs in your content creation plans?
  16. Have you identified processes and ideas to develop content on an ongoing basis?
  17. Who will be creating your content?
  18. What processes do you have in place to ensure content quality and relevance?
  19. What’s your strategy to monetize your content on an ongoing basis?
  20. Do you have a content marketing strategy that is aligned with your overall online marketing plans?
  21. Have you developed a series of tips and techniques for the development of each type of content to make the content more engaging?
  22. How important is visual storytelling part of your overall content marketing plans?
  23. Do you have a published content distribution strategy and plan?


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