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Business Model Generation Book Review

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Book Review: Business Model Generation by Osterwalder

This business book is a helpful guide intended for administrators, business people, and everyone looking to achieve a valuable change in their organization. Times change quickly; with new business advancements always around the corner. Organizations need to up their game and build new systems and accordingly new business models if they don’t want to be viewed as being archaic. Also, this book presents techniques, thoughts and tools to help grow your business and stretch out beyond your rivals. It was made with the assistance of 470 “plan of action canvas” professionals from 45 nations over the world, to give your organization a balanced, truly worldwide approach.

In this book, you will learn; basic types of business models, methods and tactics for generating ideas and being creative with them. Business model Generation is written by Osterwalder and published in the year 2010. This is a business book that provides a simple explanation of the concepts related to creating business models.

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