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Best practices to increase comments, likes, shares on Facebook  

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increase facebook likes shares comments

Having an engaging Facebook presence can help you convert more of your visitors and online audiences. In this post, we cover best practices and tips to help you get more Facebook likes, comments and shares. The more engaging your page, the greater the likelihood that your Facebook connections will be more willing to convert. Don’t be surprised if you get between twenty to thirty percent conversions from your Facebook account. Here are some of the best practices and tips to help increase comments, likes, shares on Facebook.

  • Advertising on Facebook gives you your best chance to get additional likes. And, the more likes you get the greater your following. Many well known brands have used this method to grow their fan following.
  • If you continue using the same ad repeatedly, people will be turned off and they will be less likely to convert. The right option for you is to keep changing your advertisements or the creatives associated with those ads. Doing so can help you avert a drop in conversions on account of boring ads.
  • Your blog can do with some uplift. So, by adding your Social plugin on your Facebook account or your website it is possible that you will see a sizable increase in your likes.
  • Your landing page can use some refresh. So, be sure to customize your landing page and also try to make it obvious that you want people to like your page. The best way of doing this is by boldly showing LIKE OUR PAGE in a prominent place on the landing page.
  • When you first start out you may not get a lot of people visiting your Facebook page. One way of increasing views of your Facebook page is by getting your friends and family members to like it. This may seem like a less than effective measure but the truth is that it can set you on your way. So, make sure that you make an effort to get people you know to like your Facebook page.

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  • If you maintain a blog and you are populating it with fresh content, makes sure that you post the content of your blog on your Facebook page. People who use Facebook like nothing better than to read fresh content, especially on Facebook. Since they are spared the bother of searching for your blog they will be in a good mood and this will motivate them to like, share and even comment on your Facebook page.
  • A Facebook page with interesting photographs will entice people to like, share and comment on your Facebook page. Just make sure that your photos are of high resolution. The more compelling the photos the greater the chances of people liking, commenting or sharing your Facebook page.
  • There is a Facebook app that allows you to ask questions. Use this feature regularly to get people to answer and perhaps even like, comment or share your questions.
  • A landing page without a compelling video welcoming visitors will not prove to be very useful. So, make sure that you place a video that is not only welcoming but also very compelling on the landing page. This is a good way of obtaining likes, comments and shares.
  • If you own a website or a blog then you need to make sure that you include a FOLLOW US somewhere on the top of the website or blog page.
  • One surefire method of getting people to like or comment or share your Facebook page is by giving them an incentive to like comment or share your Facebook page. If you give visitors to your Facebook page a reason to like or comment or share your page, they probably will.
  • When sending out emails you have an email HTML template on which you can place a Facebook like button. When people receive your emails they get an opportunity to like your Facebook page.
  • Similarly, your blog and website can help you obtain likes. All that you need to do is place a big banner somewhere on your blog or website asking people to like your Facebook page. This simple method is known to work very well.
  • If you use Linkedln then you can use it to obtain likes. All that you need to do is provide a link that when clicked will take visitors to your Facebook page. You can do this in your Linkedln settings in your Linkedln profile.
  • You should also think about putting your Facebook page to good use. Every day, all that you need to do is provide some newsworthy updates that talk about a particular industry or market niche to your Facebook page. This is a simple tactic that can help you get more likes, comments and shares.
  • You can also get people to like your Facebook page by giving them a reason to do so. One option available to you is to offer people who visit your Facebook page a discount. All that they need to do in order to get the discount is like your Facebook page.

Besides these surefire tips to help you get more likes, comments and shares you can also do a few other things that will help you get desired results. One is to make sure that you are constantly interacting with your Facebook followers. Also, don’t make the mistake of posting too often on your Facebook page as this may seem very interruptive. At the same time, you also need to make sure that you do not post too infrequently as this can make people abandon your Facebook page. When adding content on your Facebook page, try not to use too much jargon as it is not suitable for all your followers. Finally, try to ask questions that are open ended as this helps build conversation and it also encourages your followers to share their thoughts with others.

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