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Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and their impact on SEO

in SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

What are Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)?

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a technology spearheaded by Google with an open standard source coding for publishers that allows publishers load their pages quickly and faster. AMP is very important because it enables faster loading of sites on mobile devices.

AMP doesn’t allow the use of JavaScript, allowing pages to load much faster.

AMP works faster in loading pages by allowing only asynchronously JavaScript to be displayed. Giving access to just asynchronous JavaScript, AMP reduces web font optimization which is very important in page loading. It works faster because it runs only GPU accelerated animations which are very important for fast optimization. AMP also works very fast by the use of resource loading which involves loading only the important web pages.

Roles of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) in SEO

AMP has proven to play a major role in SEO by reducing the bounce rates on websites. This is important as it signals search engines about the higher usability of a site by its users. Having AMP monitor a site’s bounce rates ensures that search engines know about the usefulness of websites to the audience.

When searching for a site on Google, any site that is AMP enabled has an AMP symbol next to it. This enables the increasing of the brand authority of a company or business products. The AMP symbol gives users a satisfying idea that that the product displayed by Google is of high quality and can be trusted. Having a site’s content display the AMP sign helps in the improvement of a site’s brand authority as well, which in turn helps build trust and indirectly helps in improving SEO ranking as well.

PgMP Framework for Program Management

AMP plays a very important role in SEO by helping websites boost the speed of presenting content to users at a very fast and convenient way. Studies conducted have shown that AMP loads faster, quicker and better than a normal web page. This has made AMP play a very important role in  SEO by presenting content faster to users which encourages users to stay longer on the website, and that in turn increases conversions.

AMP has also proven to play a great role in SEO by improving search engine ranking because of its being more mobile friendly. The longer user sessions resulting because of this, contribute to a site’s SEO by increasing the ranking of the websites. AMP has also proven to play a major role in SEO by increasing visibility of a website through the use of a special symbol signaling to the user of the fast loading times of AMP pages. This increases click through rates that in turn helps with a site SEO as well.

AMP also plays a very important role in SEO by supporting ads networks technologies and formats and helps in delivering ads faster.

Having recognized the value of AMP, more and more companies are using the AMP feature in their websites. This is because they are seeing improvement in not just the speed of their mobile websites but also in improving SEO rankings.

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