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15 ways to market your business using Facebook Live

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Facebook Live provides your business the opportunity to ‘go live’ to your target audience. The live streaming allows you to get connected to millions of people, globally.

There are a number of ways by which you can leverage this technology to boost your marketing campaigns.

Broadcasting Live Events

Any live events, concerning your company, can be broadcast live on Facebook. This will help you connect with your target customers more directly than ever.

Providing Customer Service

Facebook Live offers you a great chance to interact with your customers, while providing consultation and service. These are more useful especially when you are dealing with technological products. (Click for online courses on becoming a consultant)

Provide Live Demonstrations

Providing live demonstrations of your product or service is a great way to connect with customers. With this, the customers gain first-hand experience of your product / service that you want to promote.

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Provide Tutorials

You can provide free tutorials about your services to your target audience. This is a magnificent platform to educate your customers and create good brand equity.

Run Live Contests

Live streaming from Facebook offers you the chance of running contents and offers for your target customers. People from your preferred location can participate in the contests.

Broadcast Product Launches

Streaming product launches, live from your location is a brilliant way of informing your customers about the new product/service.

Hold Webinars

Most of the webinar tools are costly. In that way Facebook Live offers you a free solution to connect and conduct live meetings, discussing your marketing campaign and its prospects.

Direct Viewers to Your Website

Facebook live is a fantastic medium to direct the viewers to your main web page. You can always share the link of your website below the screen, during the live streaming.

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Hold a Party

Holding a party, on Facebook Live, is a new thing for the marketers. You can stream a party or an event, with celebrity guests, in order to generate more interest about your company.

Answer Questions to Social Media Queries

Live answering to social media and blog questions is a great way of showing your concerns about customer queries. Facebook Live provides you with the opportunity of streaming live answering sessions and helping the customers to engage.

Broadcast Live Interviews

You can bring in celebrities or industry experts at your office and stream the interview live via Facebook. This will definitely trigger much interest amongst customers.

Engage Members of Your Facebook Group

Facebook Live is a fascinating way of provoking reactions of your Facebook group members. Your Facebook followers will remain engaged and their interest level will rise gradually with each live session held.

Live stream Podcasts

If you’re having a podcast then you can stream it live on Facebook as well. This will generate more interest among your audience as they will gain an audio-visual experience.

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Post Daily Update

Whilst it is true that too frequent Facebook Live posts might diminish the interest level among your followers, but you can always make short streams of videos giving them a feel about the updates of your business.

Show Behind the Scene Footage

Behind the scene footage are great ways of letting people know how you work. They also get a good quality assurance and get to witness the entire manufacturing procedure.

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