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15 Most Important Facebook Metrics to Track Facebook Ads Success

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The best and only way to track down the important metrics that go into a successful Facebook ad campaign, is by learning about the important metrics you should be tracking. To help you out, we have listed down the 15 most important Facebook metrics to help you track your Facebook ad success rate.

  1. Results – This helps you track how well your ad is running, based on the objectives you have chosen. For instance, if you are running ad ad for engagement purposes, and chose to boost your post, then you need to look at post engagements. Similarly, traffic objectives will be seen under website clicks, and so on.
  2. Reach – this shows how many people saw your advert, this just means they scrolled down on your advert. This is not an impression, this simply means it was on the screen, and might have been viewed by the user.
  3. Cost – this is the average cost your advert runs on for the day, for instance $1. This is much like the traffic reach, as you will be able to see the website clicks. However, the cost may vary from one click to another, and can be brought down by target audience, auction bid, etc.
  4. Amount Spent – This figure shows the total amount you have spent on the entire campaign. This helps you keep track of your total budget, and even compare it to your maximum budget. So you can see how much money was spent to get your desired outcome.
  5. Ends – Daily budgets are the best way to keep you on the right track, and keep an eye on the end results. This way you can look at the results and make the required changes. Another added advantage is, that you can control your budget.
  6. Frequency – This covers the time an individual saw your advertisement. This is easily one of the most under utilised metrics on Facebook. However, when you factor this in, you will be able to make the required changes so the same people are not targeted over and over again.
  7. Cost Per Reach – This is a highly insightful metric, as it allows you to measure the amount of people your advertisement reached. Not just that, it also helps specify how efficient was you reach.
  8. Impressions – Is the number of times someone viewed your advert. It is an extremely common metric in online marketing. As it allows you to measure how wide your advert ran. So you can identify if your target audience was reached or not. However, the reach metric is more insightful.
  9. CPM – Is the cost of impressions, and is a common metric used when advertising. This allows you to check how cost effective your advert is. This is a good place to start, and allows you to measure return on investment.
  10. Post Reactions – This allows you to view how people reacted to your post. For instance, if they liked it, loved it, were wowed, are sad, angry, or just surprised. This metric allows you to see how people are reacting to your advert, so you can make the required changed to help make your advert better.
  11. Post Comments – this allows you to view the comments on your post(s). This metric counts all the comments that were made when the post was running on the advert. So you can see if your target audience was reached, and how engaged, they were in your post.
  12. Shares – Track the times your post was shared, this means the times people decided to share your post on their timeline, Facebook Groups, or other pages. This is a great way to keep a track on how these shares added to your reach.
  13. Link Clicks – This will help you see how many people actually clicked on your link, and were taken to a page on/ off Facebook. So you understand how much traffic you should expect on those pages. This simple metric, will help you see how many visitors reached, and how many were conversions.
  14. CTR Link – This metric – Click Through Rate – measure the number of times people saw your link and clicked on it relative to the impressions. It helps you see how much you are paying to get your target audience to the destination.
  15. Page Likes – This helps calculate the number of people that liked your page when the advert was running. So you can determine how many people were gained organically and inorganically. As it shows where people liked your page from, the link that was advertised, or your main Facebook page.

There are many more metrics related to Facebook. However, these can get you started in your Facebook marketing campaigns. (Get one on one Facebook marketing training here)

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