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15 Facebook marketing mistakes and how to avoid them

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facebook marketing mistakes

Facebook marketing is a very delicate thing to manage. Many times it can work flawlessly, but there are situations where it will take a lot of time and effort in order to get things right. And while there are issues to consider, here are some of the mistakes that you can make when you do Facebook marketing!

  1. Using a profile to market your business

While you can create a regular profile for your business, don’t do that. You need to create your own business page if you want to show professionalism. The idea here is to adapt everything and take things to the next level very fast.

  1. Posting rarely or too often

When you do Facebook marketing, your primary focus has to be on finding the optimal posting time. The way you can do that is by studying the analytics. You can see when people interact with you the most. That will be the perfect time to post. When it comes to how often you should post, try to figure out what works for you. Your business may be ok with posting a single article once each few days or once a week. But don’t start posting either once per month or 5 times per day. Just post in a consistent manner, as this will give you the best results.

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  1. Not creating a theme

People want to have fun on social media. So, being too corporate may not be the right approach. Opt for a more light hearted theme in the online world, as that’s the thing that will help you get some really good results in the end.

  1. Spamming invites left and right

It’s important to have a massive following on social media, this can easily generate sales. But on the other hand, you have to acquire those likes and followers naturally. Avoid investing money in buying followers. It’s not the thing you want to do, and it’s definitely going to be a bad thing for your business in the future.

  1. Spelling mistakes

Grammar and spelling issues are very problematic for any website and social media. So, if you do Facebook marketing, make sure that you avoid any type of mistakes like this. It’s not something you can recover from very fast.

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  1. A slow response time

If you use social media, you need to reply fast in order to show your customers that they can rely on you. A very bad response time may show that you are not interested in what your customers have to say. And it will bring in a bad reputation for your business.

  1. Not keeping an eye on who handles your social media

We get it, your business as a whole and generating sales may be more important than social media. But what you need to do is to try and find someone that you can rely on. Work with a person that understands and know your business. Someone that you can trust and which will help you maintain a good set of results and values for your company!

  1. Repetitive content

You have to realize that social media always has fresh content. So, if you come with the same type of content over and over, people will tell you that and they will even unfollow. Avoid that by creating proper, new content as often as possible.

  1. Not reading the Facebook Page Terms

There are some things that you can’t do on Facebook. Running promotions can be problematic at times, since the page terms do come with specific limitations that you have to keep in mind. Of course, you can use dedicated software for this, but make sure that what you do is within the terms of the site.

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  1. The lack of replies

Whenever you receive comments, try to reply. Customers will appreciate the fact that you interact with them. They understand that your company is very busy, but the reality is that every reply makes them feel more meaningful and in the end it can be quite the experience for them. Do this, and you may even generate more sales.

  1. Not maintaining the best quality

Once you start posting quality content, stick to that. The last thing you want is to post low quality content. It may seem like a good way to spend less time on content creation, but once you post a specific content type and quality, you may want to stick to that.

  1. Not tracking analytics

Facebook for Business does include immediate access to lots of metrics. From traffic to reach, sales and conversions, posts, response time, rates and people talking about this, all these metrics are crucial and easy to focus on.

  1. A lack of any strategy

Randomly posting stuff on Facebook is not a good way to promote your business. What you want to have is a proper Facebook marketing campaign and a dedicated strategy. As long as you adapt this properly and take things into your own hands, results can be second to none.

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  1. Promoting too much

People won’t subscribe to any page just to see promotional content. They want meaningful information. While you can promote your business a little bit, it will be a very good idea to just post good content that helps people.

  1. Asking for likes all the time

Yes, likes are important, but remember, you need to share value to the readers. People subscribe to you so you can share proper content, not to see you begging for likes. So, try to adapt to the situation and focus on finding the best type of experiences that suit your needs. That’s, by far, the best thing you can get in the end.

In the end, it’s safe to say that Facebook marketing can be rather tricky if you don’t pay attention to these mistakes. But while you can learn from mistakes, the best thing you can do is to focus on following these ideas. This way you can stay away from any potential trouble that will appear in the long run!

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